Zom-B Underground - Darren Shan
Actual Rating: 3.5 Stars.

I was really, really excited to read this book. I ordered it from B&N last week and was eagerly awaiting its arrival in the mail. I would literally rush to my mailbox as soon as I got off the bus to see if it had arrived yet. Then on the day that this book arrives I read almost half of it and that was where I first
started having complaints.
But before I get to my complaints let me just give a short synopsis of the story: In the first book of the ZOM-B book series B is living with her parents in London. Her father is a rascist who beats her mother and who urges his daughter to join in on his supremist conquest (something that she isn't to thrilled about). The last half of the book deals with how her school is attacked by zombies and how her father comes to rescue her. The biggest shock of the book is revealed around this time whenever it is revealed that B is in fact a girl (I had thought that the whole time she was a boy). Her father tries to help her escape and he does but he tells her to throw this black friend of hers to the zombies to keep them occupied, something which she does. She feels guilty and rushes back into the school to find another way out. She gets attacked by the black boy, who is now a zombie, and the book ends on a cliffhanger with her heart getting pulled out of her chest.
The second book (the one I'm supposed to be reviewing) begins with B waking up in a military complex. She has became a zombie but isn't like all the others. She is conscious and can think and speak unlike the maneating monsters that have invaded Great Britain. She finds that she isn't alone in being different and that their are other teenage zombies just as conscious as she is. This teens have named themselves the zom-heads and gather everyday in the facility in a room that they call Zom HQ. The military has been using them to study the other zombies in inhumane ways. What follows is B's fight to stop the scientists from harming other zombies and her own fight to stay alive.


1. Darren seemed to do a good job handling the big twist he revealed in the last book about B, but the further into the book I went I started to realize that that twist wasn't needed and I found myself not understanding why it really mattered. Was he trying to break stereotypes saying that rascists always have to be men? Maybe. But what I'm trying to say is that it didn't really have much of an effect of the plot in general and was really not needed. I truly hope that this twist/revelation about B matters latter on in the book series, because if it doesn't it'll just show piss poor writing.

2. I didn't like how this book didn't really have much of a change of setting until the middle of the book, and even then it wasn't like B and the other zom-heads actually even escaped the complex. The only setting for the first half of the book was between B's cell and Zom HQ and that brings me to my thrid and last complaint.

3. Nothing really happened in the first 100 pages of the book. It just seemed like B kept on going back and forth between her holding cell and Zom HQ, while having having arguments with the other zom-heads.

But even if this book had many mistakes encompassing it, it also had some very great things such as:

1. THE AWESOME CLIFFHANGER ENDING!!!! I have to admit I was very pleased with the cliffhanger, because it made me want to keep reading this book series; something I was beginning to be unsure I could do. I can't really say much about the ending of this book because if I did I would be eligible to be roasted alive by other Shansters. All I will say is this: one of the nicest characters gets eaten alive at the end.

2. I loved the conflict between B and the other zom-heads, especially whenever her and Rage would have a disagreement. This really made you start to dislike the zom-heads and realize that they were just as monstrous as their other unconscious, monstrous counterparts.

3. My favorite thing about this book: THAT FUCKING CLOWN. That thing scared the living ape shit out of me. I hope to see it again in other books.

So all in all I really enjoyed ZOM-B Underground. It wasn't Darren's best work, but it definitely wasn't his worst (cough, cough, Birth of a Killer, cough, cough). It definitely left room for this series to be expanded and built upon and it contains one kick-ass heroine no one should miss out getting to read about. Hats off to you, Master of Fear, Darren Shan! You have done it again!