I'm almost certain my opinion on this topic isn't going to be popular.



Today, I was on Goodreads scrolling through my news feed when I noticed a review my friend had just put up.  It wasn't necessarily a review but more a reaction to a book that isn't out yet; what she thought of it being published etc.


The book was the ninth fucking book in the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson that hasn't been published.





This makes me so angry, and is also the reason I hate YA fiction. Everything has to be a huge grand series to milk the moneymaker, and it makes me sick.


But the truly bad part in the case of the Maximum Ride books is that they have went on for-fucking-ever and this is the third time Patterson has said he was going to end the series.


The third fucking time.


And he just keeps bringing them back, even though only some whiny teenage girl with a brain so small I could pinch it between my thumb and index finger would actually still be reading this garbage.


This man is just an outright terrible writer who can't really be called one. I mean it is a very well known "secret" that every thing he has published for the last decade has been ghost written and that he just comes up with the ideas. That makes me furious.


Any writer who thinks that since they have reached a certain level of popularity shouldn't have to actually write their own books anymore is in my opinion a fool. I don't see Stephen King (amazing Sai King) or John Grisham (as bad as some of his recent books are) doing that so why should you? 


So, yes I think James Patterson is a money hungry bastard, and I don't like his writing. I tried to read When The Wind Blows about two years ago and thought the plot was weird and the prose was just.....awkward. 


And remember my friends, this was a book he supposedly wrote, not one of his ghost writers.


I do have a small amount of respect for Patterson though. He runs some kind of program to get kids to read which is nice, even if the only books he really wants to get into kids' hands are his own. 


There, that is my rant of the day.


I hate money hungry bastards.