World's Greatest Dad - Edward Lorn

I read this short story last night after finishing up Nathan Ballingrud's short story collection so my opinion on this may be slightly jaded. See, North American Lake Monsters is a short story collection with NO happy endings and this one slightly did have one.


This is the Booklikes description of this story: 


(Originally released in the mini-anthology THREE AFTER and the short story collection WHAT THE DARK BRINGS, WORLD'S GREATEST DAD is now available as a standalone ebook.)

What would you do if you were given the chance to avenge your child's death?

After Carl Nelson's daughter, Kimmy, is brutally murdered, he begins receiving messages on the surface of his WORLD'S GREATEST DAD coffee mug. 

Is Kimmy attempting to reach her father from beyond the grave? 



This story was pretty good, but I still have a few qualms with it, mostly with it's believability.  Manly the fact that in the wake of most children's deaths they don't come back to haunt their father's coffee cups. :)


No, I think the problem with it was just me. I was thinking this story was going to end unhappily and ,strangely, I almost wanted it to. And it was all due to Nathan Ballingud.


Great, fun story, even though I wish it had been a little bit longer. I can't even imagine what it is like to lose a child, nor do I ever want to. After reading two stories about child abduction in two days I think I won't be reading any more books on the topic for awhile.


Oh, and did I mention I think Edward Lorn should try to write a comedy horror novel. His writing slightly reminds me of Jeff Strand's. 


4 Stars