The Witch (A Milestone Story) (The Milestone Series) - Kealan Patrick Burke

I read The Turtle Boy in March (I think?) and didn't like it. At all. I was way too nice to that book in giving it 3 stars, and I didn't really think I'd read another Kealan Patrick Burke book, even though all my friends on Goodreads couldn't stop raving about him. 


Then about a week ago, I saw that a really great reviewer on Goodreads who I'm friends with did a review of his collection Milestone: The Collected Stories,Volume One.




His review had me intrigued, and I have always loved it when a writer writes stories revolving around a certain town and how it is cursed, so I figured I'd give Burke a second try. 


I'm extremely happy I did. 


The Witch is the first story in this collection and it was superb. And it isn't even really about a witch, just a crazed mental patient. After police Deputy Bryce Carrigan comes upon this woman who has just survived a terrible car accident on the border of the town, Milestone, she kills herself. Crazy events will follow her death that Bryce believes are connected to her death... 


Burke has redeemed himself and I recommend this story for any avid reader of good dark fiction.