Saturday Night at Eddie's - Kealan Patrick Burke

Lately, I've been reading about a novella a day. I was about to go to bed tonight and realized I hadn't read anything. So I got out my Kindle and started reading this novella only intending to read the first chapter. 


I read the whole thing and now I'm staying up to write a review of it. 


This story is about some citizens of a small town who go to a bar called Eddie's on saturday nights so they can be forgiven for their sins. How? A mad Reverend (a fucking evil lunatic at that) who is working for a higher power makes a deal to where if one of them kills other sinners on that night they are redeemed. There is a lot more to it than just that but it is explained kind of vaguely.


I absolutely adored this story and the fact that Kealan Patrick Burke is able to flesh out and make 10 characters so complex in only 60 pages. And I just love how he described these characters in the first few pages of the story; his descriptions of the nudist character and one of the women were hilarious. 


I have to read Currency Of Souls. I'm going to track down someone to loan it to me, unless it is almost identical to this story.


Great, Superb Novella. 


5 Stars