This year has been a bad year for reading for me. School just took over my life and the times I had to just sit back and read were too few and far between. So next year I'm setting my reading goals a little higher than usual, which is a pretty terrible idea but oh well. 


Here are my "goals":


1. Read all or at least a hefty portion of Richard Laymon's adult horror bibliography.



Laymon has came to be one of my favorite authors over the past year even if his obsession with tits becomes a little obnoxious after a while. I've so far read The Cellar (which I didn't care for), The Traveling Vampire Show (which I loved), In The Dark (which I thought was terrific), and Island (which was a lot of pulpy fun). 


I'm hoping to buy a lot of his books in print. 


2. Finish reading all of Kealan Patrick Purke's books.



This man is just brilliant and I loved all the short stories and novellas I've read by him. I can't wait to read Kin. :)


3. Finish reading all of Michael McDowell's books that are available from Valancourt Books.



I love this writer and I'm so sad I haven't gotten around to finishing his books yet. His Blackwater Saga is so good I'm at a loss for words when I try to even talk about it. If you haven't read it GO DOWNLOAD IT TO YOUR KINDLE NOW.


By the way, I love the Valancourt Books cover art for his books.



These are my goals for 2016. What are yours? :)