I hadn't posted on this account in nearly two years until last night. Some people probably thought I had quit Booklikes, but I hadn't. I've actually been in the biggest reading slump for the past two years. Why?


Well, first of all I'm a full time college student who's double majoring, so school keeps me extremely busy. 


The second reason is a bit more complicated. 


I abandoned reading because I fell in love with someone who corrupted my passion for living in many ways, making me so anxious and unhappy that I couldn't really focus on anything. Every time I sat down with a book, reading became more of a chore than something that I enjoyed because my mind was always elsewhere. Reading went from being the great escapist activity in my life, to being the least fulfilling. Writing that makes me sad, but it's the truth.


So in the past two years, I have only read somewhere between five or ten books. I went from reading 50+ books a year to reading barely any.


But that relationship finally ended a month ago, so I'm trying to figure out what made me happy before it. Reading did. Going to the theater did. Talking to my online friends did. 


Now I'm trying to get back to that. I'm trying to get my life back on track and I hope I'm able to do just that. I should have some new reviews and other things up each day this week. 


Thanks for listening to this ramble.


- L