The Elementals - Michael Rowe, Michael McDowell
I'm so glad I had read three other Michael McDowell books before this one. It made The Elementals seem even better.

Welcome to Beldame, a sandbar set out in the Gulf of Mexico, where three houses stand. Two are used by the connected families, the McCrays and the Savages. The third sits at the end of the sandbar, slowly being covered and filled by sand. It sits there long abandoned and ready to be forgotten.



Something evil lurks in that third house and the inhabitants of Beldame are about to figure out what.

That is all I'm going to say directly about the plot so as to not give anything away.

I'm enamored with this book. I read it on my Kindle and now I desperately want to buy it in print so I force it on unknowing and scared relatives. It was just that good.

And even though I'm a fan of horror who follows the genre, I am rarely scared or creeped out by a book. In this book I was scared many times, particularly by the scenes that took place in the third house, and that made me particularly happy.

All in all this is a great horror novel, that I'd even call a forgotten classic of the genre. I also had a great time reading this book with some great friends over in the Horror Aficionados group!

So I give this book my highest recommendation:

5 dark-as-the-eyes-of-the-elementals stars out of 5

I also thought I'd add that I feel weird giving so many books five stars lately, but I really can't help myself. They were good books.

Oh and by the way, stay away from the third house or Martha Ann will getcha.