Wake - Amanda Hocking
I went into this book thinking it would suck. I've heard some awful things about books by Amanda Hocking especially her Trylle Trilogy, so that made this book look bad. But I had heard a few good things about this book and one of my favorite reviewers gave it five stars. So I had a few dollars left on my Amazon giftcard, and I thought hell I'll buy that so I did. I sat down and started reading almost immediately and couldn't put it down. It may not have been the best book ever but I adore it. Want reasons why? Here are a few:

1. HARPER. She has to be one of the best and most admirable characters I've ever read about in a book. She is
a good sister and sibling, and was so fleshed out and independent.

2. CREEPY AS F*@K MERMAIDS/SIREN THINGIES. Amanda took pretty Ariel and corrupted, fucked with her, and tore her right apart. These mermaids were evil and delighted in knowing they are. And I love that.

All in all this was a quick, addicting read that can draw readers in and have them up until the wee hours of the night.