The Cuckoo's Calling - Robert Galbraith
I like my mysteries to be suspenseful and have action, this book unfortunately lacks on both. I made it 56% through and just could not carry on.

It was BORING, and it didn't even make me care what had actually happened to Lula Landry; whether she had been murdered or whether it had been a suicide. I JUST REALLY DIDN'T CARE. Most likely because her character seem rather boring and two-dimensional, and you can't exactly form an emotional connection to a character who was already dead before the events of the prologue.

I also sometimes feel like Rowling got lucky with Harry Potter. Don't get angry at me; I AM a fan of those books, I just feel like it was a rather good idea and story that she was lucky enough to conceive one day on a train. I think every reader occasionally has a good idea but we rarely sit down and write it out; Rowling just took the chance and did just that.

She isn't a bad writer though. She has an extremely good way with words and can turn the strangest sounding description into pure gold.

But the writing wasn't the problem I had with this book, it was the lack of action and any real endearing characters. And when I say lack of action I mean it. Nothing exciting happened in the first part of this book at all, just conversations between characters and Cormoran, our detective and main character.

This conversational type of mystery isn't usually even that tedious to read though. Agatha Christie specialized in it for lord's sake and she's the bestselling fiction writer in history (besides Shakespeare of course). But even then Christie's murders were always extremely interesting and well plotted out, and the detectives, like Poirot, were extremely interesting in their own right. But the main characters in this book just didn't captivate me in the least. They were characters created that just seemed to yearn to be loved and weren't actually deserving of it.

And the murder itself wasn't interesting like Christie's either. The bitch got threw from a balcony; so what? I'd rather have found a body in the library.

So in it's entirety this book might not actually be that bad, because I didn't finish it, but I have a feeling that even if I had it still wouldn't have satisfied this reader's tastes. If I want a good mystery I'll go read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo or a Christie next time.

2.5 dull stars out of 5

Update: I just went ahead and spoiled myself and read the plot summary on Wikipedia. I thought that may have been the worst solution to a mystery I've ever read. Ugh.