The Ask and the Answer  - Patrick Ness
Patrick Ness is a genius. It's a fact, plain and simple. He inspires me to write my own dystopian with a plot along the lines of this:

In the distant future a boy named Patrick lives in a war torn village called Ness. The past seven years have been filled with bloodshed as the Nessians fight the people of the villgage closest to them, the Collins. When Patrick starts to doubt the world he lives in, he must choose what book series to love, The Hunger Games or Chaos Walking, and whether or not the plot of this awful dystopian YA makes any fucking sense at all.

SPOILER ALERT:The Nessians Win.

I want to also add that, yes I was just kidding about "my dystopian novel". Even though the kind of complete awful shit forementioned will probably start popping on to B&N shelves in the near future, and then I will know that the world of YA is doomed with the hundreds of paranormal romance and dystopians being published every month by young readers who read The Hunger Games and Twilight and thought, "Hell, I can do that!" That isn't what a writer is, that's an idiot.

But let me get back to where I was before I started ranting. Patrick Ness is a genius of literature. Yes I used that word, the one word which is illegal when speaking of YA. But this, my dear friends, is literature. Why? Because it holds a serious lesson that our society has yet to learn; never trust anyone.

All in all this book deals with real-world issues on what it's like to be surrounded by war, and what the word "terrorist" really means. This is a fantastic, haunting novel and one of the best books I've ever read. Read it, because I pity your poor souls if you haven't.

The face of a genius.

The Face of Pure Genius