Graceling - Kristin Cashore
Everyone else seems so in love with this book. I wasn't. AT ALL.
Why? See Below:

The main character is a stupid whiny bi-polar b@tch. She needs death.

The first 266 pages were boring, and only filled with Katsa whining about how she couldn't trust anyone.

Katsa would become furious over nothing. She would wake up when Po and her were on their journey and suddenly say something like, "I am enraged". She would become furious instantly for no reason at all. I HATE HER.

But there were some good things, such as:

Po; he's awesome.

Kristin Cashore has a damn good way with words.

All in all this book was a disappointment, and I would only recommend it to exclusive fans of this genre. And no, I didn't finish this disjointed mess.