I'm Not Sam - Jack Ketchum, Lucky McKee

I love I'm Not Sam. It's a creepily devastating book about love and marriage. 

I usually include the Goodreads description in my reviews but in this book's case I won't because it doesn't really say that much about the its plot. I'll just tell you what this book is about myself.

This book is about a couple, Patrick and Sam, who have been married for eight years. One day Sam wakes up and isn't Sam anymore. She may possess the body of a woman, but she has the mind of a child, and that child's name is Lily. 


Even as much as I loved this book, I can't say reading it was particularly enjoyable. It's just so damn dark and sad, and extremely uncomfortable at times. But it's a book I recommend you read, even if you don't usually read books in this genre and even if you aren't a fan of this writer (which I don't really know many people who don't like Jack Ketchum, I mean come on). 

4.5 stars to this book that really has the ability to probe the darkest corners of a person's soul.