A lot of things piss me off royally in this world. But few things piss me off as much as deliberately hateful people.


I'm talking about those people in everyone's lives who as much as you try to like, as good as you treat them, will always be hateful towards you for no good reason.


Eww, that kind of rhymed!


But you guys know who I mean right?


I try to never be that person. I always try as hard as possible to be likable and to help people, and even when people make sure I know that they don't like me I never talk about them behind their backs. How is that going to help things? 


And it's not like I did anything to them I deemed wrong, and if I did I always try to apologize for it, because in the end we all just have to try to get along with each other even if we'd rather not. 


I guess it can all just be traced back to good ole fashioned human decency, something many people are sadly lacking these days.


For instance, my relationship with my stepmother. The woman hates me because she thinks I dislike her. And it's not that I really dislike her, I just dislike her actions sometimes and how she tries to look like some kind of bigshot when she isn't. But I've never said that before behind her back until now, and it's not like anyone here knows who I'm talking about so I don't think it will hurt anything to post that here. 


But I don't really talk to her anymore because all she does is put me down, and make me feel miserable, and I realize I don't need that in my life.


Who does?


No one should have to feel bad about themselves or feel that they did something wrong, when they did everything they could to makes things right with someone who wasn't going to like them no matter how much they try. 


So I just distance myself from those kinds of people and wish them the best, even if the action isn't reciprocated, and go on with my life. Because we can't dwell on those things. It's unhealthy.