I've been listening to Adele's last album quite a lot recently.



I've grown over the past few years to love this album, along with just about everyone else on earth. She can sing a song and have even the most emotionless person in tears by the end. There is literally no telling how many times I've listened to some of these tracks and they still bring a flutter of sadness out of me.


And I hate when people try to claim she is a female singer singing specifically for women. I don't believe any singer has ever made music for one specific sex, and if they have they're probably idiots. I just don't accept that.


I mean Adele sings about love, heartbreak, regret, pain, revenge. Aren't these all basic human problems and feelings? Well at least I think she writes about universal topics; that's why so many people have a connection to her music. 


And you don't have a soul if you can listen to Someone Like You or Rolling In The Deep once and not feel something. 


The really admirable thing about her in my opinion is that she has the ability to bring out all these emotions without putting it on. What I mean by putting it on is that she makes music without making it overly theatrical, or overdoing the production like other artists, for instance Lady Gaga (if you can consider that nasty thing an artist). In songs like Someone Like You there barely is a production; it's just beautiful Adele and her piano. 


Oh, and did I mention the glorious news? She has hinted that her next album, 25 will be released by the end of the year. This makes me so happy, I need some new music to mope in.


So yes, I love her music quite a bit. 


I might put up more posts about what I'm listening to if you guys like this one. :)