I realized earlier today that I could review whatever I want on this blog so I'm going to do just that. 


A few days ago I was lucky enough to watch the new Woody Allen film, Blue Jasmine, on one of the movie channels (I think it was Starz, I'm not sure). 


I watched it because I usually go through the Oscar winners and losers every year and see what the big fuss is about. There were a lot of terrific films released in 2013, and here are the Oscar nominees that were released last year that I saw and the rating I gave each:


  1. Nebraska 4/5
  2. Dallas Buyer's Club 4.5/5
  3. 12 Years a Slave 5/5
  4. August: Osage County 4/5
  5. Frozen 5/5
  6. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug 4.5/5
  7. The Great Gatsby 1.5/5


I was kind of was lazy and didn't watch as many nominees this year as I should have, but I watched enough to proclaim 12 Years a Slave best film of the year, which is why I put my rating in bold. 


I might go through some of these and review them later, but for now I'll settle on reviewing my second favorite film of the year.


Blue Jasmine is basically about a New York socialite name Jeanette "Jasmine" Francis who after learning her husband is a fraud and losing all her money, must go back to her working class roots to live with her sister in San Francisco. The film basically shows Jasmine's attempts to re establish herself into the high class and at same time her trouble getting over the loss of everything she once had.





I posted those gifs above this not to tell you about the film but to just look at Cate Blanchett. This woman is fucking spectacular in this film. And as a film fiend and a massive admirer of her acting I have no problem telling you this is the greatest performance she has ever given, maybe even one of the greatest film performances of all time. She is just terrific and loses herself in this role the way an actor like Daniel Day Lewis does in his films.


I also really like the last gif, just cause you know, it's the truth.


Blanchett plays a supreme bitch in this film though. She plays a character who is a snob, and someone who didn't even like her own sister to visit her, because she was poor and thought it would hurt her reputation. I'm talking about a woman who changed her own name to Jasmine because Jeanette wasn't good enough. I'm talking about a woman who after losing all her wealth and upper class connections tries to find a way back in to that high class world, and can't settle for less. And that's why she is a bitch in my eyes. Oh, and did I mention she constantly calls her sister a failure, when her sister is trying to help her get back on her feet?


But Blanchett's performance as Jasmine is the main reason to watch this film. 


I mean the film has a pretty decent plot, but all it is is a modern rehash of A Streetcar Named Desire. 


Go watch this film my friends, just to see Cate Blanchett's mesmerizing performance. 


It's truly one for the ages.



4.5 Stars