I had planned on making What Really Grinds My Gears a daily post, but I've decided that in order for the posts not to get boring and for me to generate my hate with a passion, I'll be making it a post for every Friday or Saturday. 


I hate many people in this world. I'll be straight out about it. I'm not going to act like I like everyone or that I think everyone is "special" somehow. It just isn't fucking true. 


Recently I have been reminded of one such person in the wake of Robin Williams' untimely death.


Rush fucking-spews-trash-from-his-mouth-makes-Layton-want-to-vomit Limbaugh.




This man is disgusting, absolutely disgusting. 


After Robin Williams committed suicide, Limbaugh pretty much tried to say that being a liberal and having a liberal worldview was what killed him.


I know sounds stupid, right?


He was the same man in 2012 who said that The Dark Knight Rises was a politically charged film, and that Bane was named that because Mitt Romney once ran a company called Bain Capital.


I guess Limbaugh failed to realize that Bane was created in 1993 before Romney's presidential campaign.



This is the man who makes racist comments towards African Americans and talks consistently about their "reliance" on Welfare. A man who couldn't understand a black man who called into his radio show once, and told him to "take that bone out of your nose and call me back".


A man who criticized white americans for their drug abuse in 1995, and was investigated for his own in 2003. 




A grade A+ dumb fuck and a wretched person.